Friday, April 27, 2007

palat gayi !!!!


Finally every thing is settling in life...for fast few weeks my life was a big jig-saw puzzle and the pieces were not ready to fit in..but now its almost done.
My examz are finally coming to an end after three long weeks on 30th of this month.they got postponed and postponed and postponed to this date :(...
The good news that i was talking about a few posts back is here. We got our visa !!!!! we bole to my mom dad n moi..even this was in mess with all formalities n documents n stuff.but finally after a good amount of loss of money in processing fees et al,we got our visa today :) and with the visa am going to GERMANY!! on 16th of may!!am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited :D the first time il be sitting in a flight..wooppiieee
With these two big pieces finding their places,the smaller ones were easier to place and life seems heaven right now :) par........anythin can happen anytime ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Wishlist..

  • want to learn Ballet,Salsa,Ice Skating..
  • want to go Diving and touch fishes..
  • want to visit all those green beautiful Mountains and Plains..
  • want to do Para Gliding,Bunjee Jumping..
  • want to visit Santosa City,Singapore and its likes..
  • want to go to Australia..
  • want to get a Tatoo done..
  • want to Colour ma hair..

kaafi lambi hai...will try fulfilling them... :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A day i have to pen down..

Was very dull yesterday night coz mom dad went out of station and i came down to live with ma uncle-aunt for a week..had a chat with a friend and felt a bit better..woke up today,got ready for coll and came out of the house..

A lovely weather was ready to greet me..all cold and foggy and spirit was immediately lifted..felt sooo good..roads and buses were empty so reached coll in half time..

Went and searched for my friends for half an hour but couldnt find them..went to french class..interesting..sir spoke well,spoke about interesting personalities and his experiences..then went to food tech class but the females(ma gang) wasnt there..and V didnt even call,she kept giving miss irked me and my mood was off again..

They didnt turn up for the a lill bit of mam's piece of mind..finally after the class i called them..she said they had gone to Osmania Medical College..that irritated me more..they wanted me to join them bunking the next rage i declined and headed to class..

Mam gave solid 70 min notes,taking 10 min of our lunch time! then finally met them in lunch(mood ki halat back to last night)..didnt talk properly to them,am like that..chem mam came at dot 1:30 to class and we hadnt even finished our lunch!bah..class went fine..we were doing two works at a time-listening to class and doing ft record..

Then went to V's place after college to get papers sorted out and completed..left at around 4:30 and reached home at 6!

Hmmmmmmmmm mood ok ok abhi. . .

Friday, February 02, 2007


Good news is around the corner...all i need to do is take the turn! hindi mein bole toh...palat!!

its fun in the college these days..we are todofying fress imlis from the trees..teasing girls away to glory...i ran from the middle of the class unnoticed..cells are ringing in classes becoming a source of chuckle.. etc etc etc... fun.

am playing carroms daily wid my younger cousin brother.. the score till now is 4_2..mine being two. but ill improve :)

wat else?watched guru..bunking college(thats more fun to write about) il give 8.5/10...

arrey kuch toh likhna that aur..bhul gayi..yaad karke add kar dungi..til den aurevoir..a bientot.. aimer tous le monde. :) its french.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

tring tring..

*tring tring*

(the phone rings after 5 hours... once upon a time it used to ring every hour)

(eagerly and in a gay voice) *hello..?!*

*is this Mr.XYZ from ABC company?*

*NO* (bangs the phone..not literary coz one cant bang cell phones)


Friday, November 24, 2006

Its HYBRID Beta..

Wen ever my Mom gets Fruits like...
  • Extra red Apples with very little taste
  • Extra red Pomegranates with very little taste
  • Seedless Papayas with little taste
  • Bananas coming out of season
  • Orange oranges coming out of season,etc
she has only one thing to say.... "These are hybrid hence not tasty"

and this is what i dont like...we have a debate every time she utters this sentence..i say that 'hybrid things are not bad, they are better and superior than normal stuff and completely experimented for nutrition..these are purely non seasonal and grown with the help of fertilizers and chemicals which is NOT how hybrid things are grown'..she never agrees with me and has her own psychology..
But for my sake she has mended her line a little.."tujhe gussa aaega agar main bolungi toh par..."

Your P.O.V on this debate....

(Point Of View)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


i like to flirt.................. :D

(examz in full mood of shopping,watching movies,meeting up old friends and sleeeeeeeeping... :) )